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New Mark Suciu section and Habitat interview

Ph: Mark Suciu, Backside Lipslide © Miguel Valle

 Mark Suciu, Backside Lipslide© Miguel Valle

Filmer Miguel Valle has come good with a new part featuring friend and Habitat cruiser Mark Suciu today. Asked about leaving Habitat Skateboards in a new interview Suciu has stated:

“Oh definitely not, I’m sticking with Habitat. I feel like I’m a pretty big part of Habitat and I think if I left I’d be throwing them under the bus. Of course, the main weight of the team is held by Silas [Baxter-Neal], Stefan [Janoski], Freddy [Gall] – the big gamers – but I think that I play a part too, and if I just were to go away it would be shady after all they’ve done and what they mean to skating. I’m definitely sticking around.”

Enjoy this new part.