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Natural Born Skaters Results

Leeds and Bolton were the venues for legs 2 and 3 of the Natural Born Skater comps and competition was very high indeed. In Leeds it was the timed runs that decided who was taking first place, despite a good show during the jams. In Bolton it was steez a plenty with tricks going off all over the place.

Leeds at the Works skatepark:

Under 16’s: 1st Joe McGuffog, 2nd Judah Thompson, 3rd Ross Zajag
Over 16’s : 1st Josh Young, 2nd Joe Winn, 3rd Thompson Marshall
Best trick: Joe Winn, Ricky Martin and Joe McGuffog

Bolton Bones skatepark:

Under 16’s: 1st Josh Parr, 2nd Jack Morris, 3rd Joe McGuffog
Over 16’s : 1st Adam Hardman, 2nd Chris Ault, 3rd Jake Goodfellow
Bowl comp: 1st Josh Parr, 2nd Chris Ault, 3rd Rick Fields

Get yourself over to Ramp City Skatepark in Blackpool on the 20th May for the final leg of the Natural Born Skaters comps.

[Photo by Peter Rudd]