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Name This Videoooooo…

You might have heard about this video project in the past. Basically some fun loving Americans have decided to make a video, cast the stars, get the hammers, edit some hot tracks to their footage… The whole shebang except one major detail: the title! So, being the nice chaps they are, they have decided to run a contest where the best idea for a name wins a brand new Deathlens. Not bad for 30 seconds of brain storming, eh?

So, now that the contest is nearing a result, a worldwide premiere is necessary. So far the date set is 06/06/06 – the day for devilish behaviour! Premieres will happen in Campbell, California, and Clearwater, Florida, but Paul Cote (the main man behind the project) is keen to get a premiere in the UK too.

Check out the site and trailers, and see if you know what to call it.