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Money for Blood

During the first three days in March, Globe and Thrasher Magazine brought many of the best skateboarders in the world together for a Woodstock-like, extended skateboarding party, showcasing three completely different set-ups:

1. A ridiculously challenging, white-knuckle hazardous, sandpaper covered 10-foot deep halfpipe with kinks, a jagged, no-bonk lip and terrifying transitions, known as the Pizzey Bowl.

2. A metal mini ramp and a three-foot-high, four-foot-wide vertical concrete quarterpipe thrown in for good measure at the Globe Gold Coast Headquarters

3. The Varsity Double, a very large and daunting (six-flat-seven) double set of stairs with a hubba style ledge capped with metal.

$50,000 in cash was available over 3 days and the video from the event is now edited comprised of Thrasher’s Tizzy at Pizzey, Globe’s Mini Ramp Madness, and the Double Stack Cash Attack, this cinematic experience is like no other skate film you’ve ever seen starring: Mark Appleyard, Chris Haslam, Adam Dyet, Paul Rodriguez, Stefan Janoski, Omar Hassan, Greg Lutzka, David Gonzalez, Matt Mumford, Terrell Robinson and many more.

Go to for the money shot.