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Mini ramp to be built in skyscraper lobby


We all know how skateboarding connects us all and how lucky we are to have such a scene that allows us to meet so many like-minded individuals world-wide, but it seems as though the word is finally out. At least by the people of The Fisher Beacon Project and MKR City who are building a mini-ramp in a skyscraper in the lobby of the Fisher Building in Detroit, USA.

Why? Well the theory behind the project, in MKR’s own words, is to “reconnect the city’s residents with one another through ongoing exchange and conversation, and establish a platform for expression that will be shared with the wider world.” The event is also set up to transcend barriers of race, class, and culture to draw disparate groups into community and that’s a big compliment there on behalf of our wonderful scene.

The ramp will be open for various sessions from April 3rd-6th. Get off your phone and go skate it if you are located nearby.