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Meanwhile survives!

With much local chit chat about the future of Meanwhile Gardens down here in West London, it seems that the skatepark will not be bulldozed to make way for luxury apartments.

Councillor Pat Mason had this to say about the recent surge of bill posting regarding the new suggested build in the area:

I don’t know who said the skate park was going, it’s not, as far as I am aware. The council propose to build a luxury penthouse development at the Kensal Road end of Meanwhile Gardens to pay for a new community building even though the council is awash with money. The development will obliterate the Scented Garden, operated by a local mental health charity, encroach on the Wildlife Gardens, to name but 2 adverse affects, and set a precedent for such builds on green space in the borough. Thanks for your email.

Pat Mason, councillor Secretary, Friends of Meanwhile Gardens.