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Maverick’s Boat awaiting sails in Sheringham

maverickskateparksThere’s no doubt that Maverick have pushed skatepark designs forward in this country over the years and as you may have read previously, they were in the middle of building the boat designed for Sheringham’s coastal skate park in Norfolk.

We spoke to Maverick’s designer Ian Jennings this week whose concept will be unleashed when the sails go on for the opening event next Spring.

“The Sheringham project has been a pleasure to be involved with. The user group were very forward thinking and had a clear desire to create a “unique” and “quirky” little park. They came to the right place!

The local ‘spot’ was the harbour (Sheringham is a small fishing town on the North Norfolk coast), where you could find the locals taking advantage of their environment, popping tricks over lobster-pots and other nautical paraphernalia. This was kind of their identity, and they were keen to reflect this in the design of the park.

Whilst playing around with ideas and concepts, the fishing boat cutting through the waves came to me… I pitched it to the group and they were “all aboard” with the idea!


The nautical theme continues throughout the park, with the anchor pole-jam and the flint cobbles collected from the beach, reflecting local architecture. The theme blends seamlessly with some legit street features including a mini ‘hubba hideout’ and a ‘china banks’ brick wall-ride/ledge combo, all tied together by a high quality finish and attention to detail. There is also a mini ramp/bowl corner, spine, bank to jersey, an assortment of ledges… there really is something for everyone in this beautiful little park. This is a facility that the community can be proud of. We’re certainly proud to be delivering skateparks that think outside of the box.

Thanks to the work of local hero Rob Sayles, the Sheringham Skate Association, and the skills of our own in-house specialist build crew, the rest is history and Norfolk now has it’s own unique piece of skate-able art – HMS Gnar! God bless all who sail in her.”