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Mannheim massacre

If you want every generation to step out of the shadows and get their schralp on together, then a good old fashioned Bowl comp can do the trick.

The German skaters got together at Mannheim concrete bowl to crack open a few pilsners and skate the hell out of the local bowl.

Live music blared, a scary ‘woman’ (c.f. Picture ph. Bernhard Scheffold) took out a few of the older contestants, and Sunday had everyone helping out with emptying and cleaning the nearby Ludwighafen Snakerun.

Divided into two groups, the young and old ended up in this order:


1. Thomas Becker, 26
2. Andreas Krall, 26
3. Chris Maier, 29
4. Rudi Rampe, 23
5. Thomas Zwarg, 21
6. Patrick Gangsta, 29


1. Tino Ditus, 32
2. Alex Frank, 31
3. Duncan Houlton, 42
4. Dietsches, 43
5. Fabrice Correa,32
6. Sandro Correa, 31

More info at the Mannheim Massacre website.