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Lyon War of the Roses?

The subtle subterfuge of the skateboard market in Lyon is starting show its ugly side as the two resident companies and business rivals*, Antiz and Cliché, fly their colours in regards football and the local team’s dominance of the league tables.

In the Blue corner we have Olympique Lyonnais FC affecianados Cliché who have just been nominated for Best Team at the annual Transworld Skateboarding Awards and returned from Sicily on a filming mission.

Whilst, in the Red corner we have the football haters, Antiz who have released a very limited edition Scarf and are currently clocking footage for a new video due to drop this winter. Check their site for an edit of their recent filming mission to Italy.

Crossfire is going to get on the case to try and understand how deep this divide rides in France’s premier skate city. Stay tuned.

*Don’t fret- Cliché and Antiz ARE good friends.