Luke Jarvis Memorial edit

luke_jarvis_ripSadly, Luke Jarvis passed away on the 16th December of 2016.

He was present at pretty much all of our skate events and always bust his arse to get a trick down amongst the finest there.

He was one of those guys who rolled in and gave it all from the first to last minute of a session whatever the harshness of the slam. Yep, one of those crazy fuckers.

We were away over Christmas and not updating the mag when the news broke of his sad passing, but it hurt bad, as it always does. His local Essex crew have lost a soul mate, a damn good friend, a crazy bastard and a son. Thoughts go out to all of Luke’s family and friends. Especially his father, Andrew who took him everywhere from an early age, supporting him in what he loved doing, allowing him to have freedom of expression wherever he desired to go.

Here’s a tribute edit that has surfaced this week put together, kindly by Warren Munson. If you scroll down you will find a new tribute event (Facebook event here) that is planned to see him off in style this June with bands, skating and everything he loved and shared with friends.

May Luke Jarvis rest in peace.