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Lord Of The Park

Through the mist rode a lone skater… He had comped with the best of them and snaked his way to the top. No mere mortal dares drop in to a ramp once he had placed his four-wheeled steed on the coping. A Master of Disaster, Lord of the Loop and Sovreign of the Slash grind.

The Return of the King is expected at Projekts Mancy Way skatepark, Manchester, from midday on the 23rd April. An exclusive 35 foot mini ramp will be erected for the occasion, and popular ballads will be sung by The Duds and DJ Ben Perry. A fiefdom tax of £3.50 will be expected to pay for the ceremony to cover the costs of the ramp – plus you will probably get to see Powley’s arse included in that cos – simply a bargain!