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Lizard in a Lab Coat is back!

It took ages but that bad boy Hunter Madill has finally got his shit together for a 2nd issue of his Lizard in a Lab Coat zine.

Check the cover on this page to find one of the best Spanish omelette makers ever, Ivan Rodriguez. You know with that meat-eating horned bull of energy on the cover that this issue is gonna be worth your sheckles alone.

Don’t ask us what’s actually in the issue as Hunter forgot to send a mail with the content listed, but hopefully it’s a Rodriguez pink pansy lingerie issue for the Spring covering every outdoor skatepark in the UK. Pick one up even if its pages are blank and buy some crayons and make your own content. You know the drill, if you see it buy it or even better order it online.

Issue 2 will probably be available in Slam City Skates over the counter in the next 2 weeks. Check out ginger bollocks’ myspace for the postal scoop at and we will bring you more news on the content once Madill reads this post and remembers to send it.