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Leave those cords at home…

Come on gents… what’s with this haggard and worn out ‘look how outrageously cultured and eclectic I am‘ fashion statement in skateboarding right now? Flannel shirts, cords and shoelace belts… how is looking like a student who missed the bus and forgot to have a shower going to get you anywhere in life? Fix up dudes!

As The Daily Fail have so rightfully (as always…*ahem*) pointed out, the perfect compliment to your ‘nerves of steel’ skating skills is a sharp suit to match. Whose going to pay attention to your gnar gnar stand up grinds if you don’t look the part? No one! That’s who!

Have a read of this and make of it what you will. Oh, to be present at a Daily Mail board meeting. “Wait guys, I’ve got a perfect idea…”

It should be noted that the person who wrote the above is a student who missed the bus this morning, smells a bit dodgy and is wearing a flannel shirt and cords. What a prick.