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Learning Curve Premiere

The Premiere of The Learning Curve was on Sunday night down in Lower Marsh opposite the old Cide shop which still has its sign up despite it now being a newsagents and the shop being long gone. A reminder of the not so distant past and a really nice skateshop and gallery.

The film was amazing and when it gets released it is a must have for anyone interested in London Skateboarding….spots all over central London some of which are familiar and others a revelation….London looks good through Phraeza’s lens and the skating matches the grandeur of the backdrop….check out the website for more from Phraeza and clips from the film.

Phraeza was there making sure everything ran smooth but he didn’t need to worry as people turned out en-masse and the place was packed, all the films skaters got cheers before after and during their runs…yes runs, the sections were actual runs around London rather than a montage of tricks which shows something about the skaters themselves and the potential of the London spots…London looked a little claustrophobic at times, a combination of underground spots and nightime filming which captured the essence of street skating in the city perfectly.