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Leap of Faith…?

Alright, someone has to draw the line between what constitutes skateboarding and what constitutes a stunt? This difference has led many die-hard vert fans astray as they watch their idols dangling in thin air above historical monuments and 20 foot towers of plywood.

In any case, the following dream has to be a stunt because besides a skateboard being used, any similarity with the activity has literally flown out of the window.

New Flip Skateboards rider Bob Burnquist wants to test his nerves at the Holy Grail of stuntman ship- The Grand Canyon! However, Bob isn’t going to strap a nitro-glycerine tank to his deck and Evil Knievel it to the other side (Which, I’ll remind you Mr. Evil failed to do…). Nope. Bob wants to combine his two adrenaline fuelled pastimes – skating and base jumping- by rigging up a rail or ramp of some sort, fly off the end of it and proceed to freefall his way into the history books.

This stunt will be aired on the Discovery Channel on March 23rd, but if ever you’re in the Hell Hole Bend region of the picturesque chasm, say a prayer for our Brazilian friend…