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KR3W Footwear London Launch

In addition to providing skateboarders with quality garb with plenty of personality, KR3W have launched a line of slick shoes perfect to chill or cruise in. They launched these kicks in style at Wholesome in London and attracted a wide crowd of skateboarders, fashion heads, kids, hipsters and more. Not just after the free beer, the reaction was pretty unanimous that KR3W have established themselves as a mainstay in every area of the wardrobe that belongs to your average skater. With beats from Cherrystones and appearances from some of skateboarding’s finest – Lizard King, Tom Penny, Ali Boulala, Horsey and more, there was a fine night to be had this Thursday.

Here’s some snaps for all those who missed it.

A fair portion of the UK skate scene was in attendance. Death and Flip heads blended in with Vice photographers.

The small location was perfect. The visitor’s attention could only be focussed on two things: the KR3W threads and the free beer. Those with eagle eyes may peep Ali lurking in the corner sampling the latter…

“Tidy, like.”

Some of the dope accessories that capture a DIY vibe that’s probably lost on the hipsters.

The decor was pretty powerful, as expected.

Cherrystones dropping the cherrybomb.

The unmistakable Ali with Lady Boulala

Pictured above are the Jackson, one of four models released this year named after dead presidents that appear on US dollar bills. These were being repped by Lizard King in style on the night. Keep your eyes open for an interview with the snappily dressed king of all reptiles coming soon.