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King of the Ramp 06 free download!

You might remember a mental ramp contest that went down last year and literally took the roof off. That contest was King of the Ramp, and Juergen Horwarth won.

Well, now all you transition lovers (and amateurs) can fasten your seat belts because the comp’s video is now free for download. 22minutes of mad carnage featuring Jürgen Horwarth, Roman Hackl, Roman Astleitner, Oliver Gordon, Ralf Edlinger, Sascha Biehaule, Stefan Atzl, David Martelleur, Manuel Knoflach, Martin Jurásek, Kamil Poč, Ferit Batir, Andreas Fugger, Benjamin & Adrian Buchwald and the amazing Batzenhäusl.

For the high quality version (80mb) click here.
For the low quality version (50mb) click here.