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Kids of the Black Hole – SMBH


Here’s one way to make a statement against the establishment. Super Massive Black Hole (SMBH)is a new movement from Essex skaters in the UK who have found their voice against “one of the most aggressive attacks on youth culture in modern times.” Quoting “audacious increases in tuition fees, blanket bans on drugs and most importantly the serial closing of world music renowned venues,” does this frustration sound familiar to you too?

Sometimes the best way to react to issues is to fight them with creative ideas and come together with others, so the SMBH have taken their frustrations out on the streets and DIY spots to form this clip, fueled also by the ever growing hatred of sports brand infiltration in the skate scene:

“Some of the largest globalised companies are investing millions into moulding it [skateboarding] into a ‘sport’, skaters constantly striving for more perfect and technical tricks, epitomised most with the recent inclusion in the Olympics.”

Vote with your feet.