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Jackass 2 Premieres in London

Myself and 2P just attended the Jackass premier in town and i must admit, i was invited there and was thinking it was gonna be wack, but the film had us laughing all the way to the ventolin inhalers, it’s fucking hilarious!

Bam and the boys have made another shocking movie but this one will make you wince, laugh, cry, and shit your pants all at the same time.

What spawned from Big Brother in 1999 has mutated into a worldwide freak show propelled by MTV’s stunt series over the years and Jackass 2 showcases the entire crew on point with Knoxville annihilated in a bullring, Spike Jonze dressed as a 90 year old woman with her low slung baps out on the street, Steve O as human bait for mako sharks and horse cum drinking, Erehn Gheyey completing the loop on a mini motorcycle, Preston Laceys fart chamber, We Man’s electric chair and shitloads more. You cant really explain it in words, it just rolls and rolls and even if you are over this whole thing, once it begins you cant help but laugh your ass off.

Knoxville almost gets killed on a rocket launch into a lake as the cylinder ble w a whole the size of your handand Ryan Dunn who is knocked out from a stunt buzzer also was heavily damaged from a horsebolting stunt. Rumour has it that he was allegedly jolted so harshly that he has actually suffered a bloodclot in his heart that could be life threatening, hence his absence from the premier and the big question mark over the editing of a third movie – even though there is apparently loads of footage left over from the last 6 months of filming.

The afterparty at the Sin Club on Charing Cross Road served free cocktails all night where a host of really sad c-list celebrities from Big Brother and Celebrity Love Island were seen mingling amongst London’s press brigade and hangers-on. Knoxville was spotted leaving the club gingerly at midnight with his bouncer, obviously in need of horse cum. The search continues whilst Erin Gheyey takes the mantle as the pube beard wearing armed terrorist that got served in a gag that was reversed and made the show.

Go see this film if you are bored one night as it will have you in stitches whatever you may think of their stunts and pranks these days.