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It’s us versus them…

The Etnies Goofy Vs. Regular contest

Ah! The battle of the stances continues… The Etnies Goofy Vs. Regular contest has just finished and the rebel forces fought well securing a revengeful victory for the Goofy footers. Dave Swift led his right foot forward gang of plank pirates (Koston, Cannon, Appleyard and Rodriguez) to victory over Jake Phelps’ left foot forward losers (Senn, Salabanzi, Cole and Sheckler).

Chris Cole got dizzy enough to win the MVP for the regular footed folk, whilst Jereme Rogers switched things up to swipe MVP for the Goofy bunch. Whether or not such pointless competitions should be condoned or not isn’t really up to us to decide. Considering how normal it is for kids to skate switch today, the true value of stance is about as strong as exchanging rupees for roubles… But don’t forget that there was once a strong stance that ran the road: Mongo pushers have nearly all been eradicated today, but something dark is dawning on the horizon… for more