Is this the last Old Man’s Nite at Bay 66?

Could it be the last Old Man’s Nite at Bay 66 this Friday?! Only the future will tell us if someone else picks up the reins after Sergio Cardoso leaves for Australia next week. Yep, he’s off folks, after years of amazing service at the park and also running this famed monthly get together for the OG Playstation Crew and many others who drive miles for the BBQ.

Surely someone in the park will keep the legacy of Old Man’s Nite going so our fingers crossed on that front. It’s kind of crucial as it’s the only connection left to how the park used to be before the sports brand involvement.

Regardless of its future though, we wish Sergio and his family all the very best with their move. Thanks for the good times mate, we hope to give you a great send off!

Get down there from 7pm.