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Heathen on the rampage

They launched their brand new skate company this year and already things are happening at a rate of knots with Mark Burrows, Colin Adam & Paul Rimmer doing as much damage in the public eye as possible.

Burrows is killing it up at Livi and all over Scotland, as per usual. If yo have ever seen this guy skate you would never forget it. He’s just got a whole heap of new skate-tattoos done by old school gnarler Fred Smith whilst on a recent trip to the US.

Colin Adam just broke his cherry in Document Magazine with a monster invert at the East Kilbride killing grounds and is skating a lot with his brother – Anti-Hero rider Div.

Paul Rimmer now joins a multitude of skaters that have moved to London recently with notable coverage in Sidewalk, Document and Kingpin Magazine.

If you have seen This ‘n’ That you would have bumped into him on your TV set, and if not, you should have done, the DVD is the nuts – go out and buy it.

Rimmer is also busy filming another part for ‘The Learning Curve‘, an independent London flick. Look out for product reviews of Heathen decks over the next month. Eye them up at