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Have you ‘scene’ him..?

Everybody is searching for Animal Chin in their own way, and if wasn’t for local scene videos, most of us would have given up the hunt years ago.

Seeing as skaters and digital equipment seem to go hand in hand nowadays, it’s only right that scene video’s are stepping up their game and the quality is pretty much on par with mainstream videos from not so long ago.

Here are a couple of trailers for three UK videos that are clearly worth checking out:


By Scott Magill from Bridgend, Wales featuring Chris Wilson, Chris Jones, Nick Batt, Jess Young, Alan Williams, Caradog Emanuel, Dylan Hughes, Nicky Howells and more…click here for some footage or ecven here for the scene:

Cheese on Tape

By James Cheetham from Brighton, England featuring the Level Army, Amir Williams, Duncan Christy, James Kilpatrick, Wojcek Smith and more…click here for some footage.

Writer’s Block

By Henry Edward-Woods from London, England featuring Scott Howes, Shaun Currie, Greg Conroy, Fares Hassen, John Edwards and Jin . Click here for some footage.