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Haroshi’s Rise Above exhibition at Stolen Space is go

haroshi_art.jpgIf you are unaware of Haroshi‘s incredible work with recycled skateboard decks then head here to see our very popular gallery feature from his last exhibition at Stolen Space in East London back in 2013.

His works are truly inspiring and to see them close up is a must do in your lifetime to witness the detail of his masterful skills.

Luckily he is returning to Stolen Space for a new show this week and this time he has chosen to exhibit kaiju monsters and figurines amongst his other classic works.

Do yourself a favour and visit this.You will be next-level inspired from it, no doubt.

Note that this show opens tomorrow night and ends on 29th October.


StolenSpace Gallery
17 Osborn Street
London, Brick Lane
London, E1 6TD.

Map here.