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Haroshi ‘Pain’ exhibition incoming to Stolen Space

London awaits the work of the one and only Haroshi, the Japanese designer who crafts incredible works from old skateboard wood.

His first solo exhibition titled ‘Pain’ will reveal a new body of work which examines the effects of emotional pain, and how it can be a great motivating force in the creation of art. Haroshi, has been exploring this difficult concept in his new series of work by harnessing and repurposing painful experiences in the same way that he recycles disused objects as beautifully handcrafted sculptures. Using hundreds of disused decks in the process, each artwork is exquisitely imaginative, created with the highest level of ingenuity, impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, calling into question ‘what is pain?’and ‘why does it exist?’

‘Pain’ is sure to be one of the most unique exhibitions of sculptural work you have ever seen running at Stolen Space Gallery at 17 Osborn Street, London, E1 6TD between the 10th October to 3rd November. Don’t miss it.