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Harold Hunter R.I.P.

Whilst most of us woke up on Saturday morning feeling rough from the night before, some of us didn’t. There will always be a time when the party gets the last laugh and you have to pay the tab. The 18th Febuary 2006 was Harold Hunter’s last order at the bar.

Harold was a true New York legend who repped Zoo York since way back when and stayed true to his roots despite all the politics and bullshit. Harold had mad charisma and shone through as an emblem of what having fun was all about, be it on or off the board. Sadly, the fast life of the Big Apple party scene caught up with Harold and took him away from us much too soon.

To remember Harold properly, we suggest you visit the following

In his own words:

The picture of a very young Harold on this page is ripped off the web, if you shot it, sorry we did not ask your permission to use it. It sums up all of us as we all start somewhere and enjoy our lives to the full.