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Happy 50th Birthday to Don Brider!


The UK had a bunch of familiar faces that graced the pages of R.A.D Magazine on a monthly basis back in the late 80s, but one that always stood out for me personally was Don Brider. I mean, his mug is unforgettable for one, and that Tony Hawk hair faze stuff really did the rounds, but most importantly, Don’s skating did all the talking.

In August 1977, Brider’s Nan gave him his first skateboard that “looked like a piece of wood with some nails in it”. From then onwards it was plain sailing. Whether it was Portsmouth’s red brick banks, or Farnborough’s vert ramp, to the coping at Meanwhile 2, Brider ripped everything in style and pushed street skating to all sorts of levels that we could only sit back and admire.

Today, he still makes skate stickers, including our very own. He hates sports brands and chain stores, and abuses people on Facebook like no other. So raise a glass to Don today who celebrates 50 golden years on earth. May there be another 50 in the tank for those they call The Donz!

Happy Birthday!