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Gyppo Army Days are Go!

The Gyppo Army are planning a series of bi-monthly (that’s the aim) demos titled Gyppo Army Days at indoor skateparks throughout the country.

Briefly they’re a group of sessions with the Gyppo Army team plus whoever they can force into a car/bully into catching a train or coach going to a skatepark to meet up and skate.

The winter is coming and this is a good way to support indoor skateparks by increasing attendances as well as supporting local scenes, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a sponsored skater or a kid just starting out, the main aim is to have everybody skating together in a large crowd and having fun, then giving some stuff out, having a few drinks, going home and meeting back up again somewhere new a couple of weeks later to do the same thing!

They’re up for doing this with most skateparks in the U.K so if you work/manage/run a skatepark and would like to organise something at your park don’t hesitate about getting in touch!

Upcoming events include:

Friday, October 10th- Unit 1 skatepark Kent night session (5-10pm).

Saturday 25th October- X-site skatepark, Skegness

Saturday 8th November- Revolution skatepark, Kent