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Goa rumble in the jungle

Just in case you thought skateboarding was resumed by bleached American skateparks and European marble, let it be known that a lot of hard work has gone into making even the furthest destination skateable by a dedicated few.

Thus is the case for 2 bald gits Nic Powley, Nick Smith and the guys over at Skate Goa with their ramp, pool and street obstacles situated far far away in the Indian jungle.

Recently, in a bid to get away from the dire winter weather, SkateGoa hosted their Rumble in the Jungle comp with a heap of local and international talent mixing it up and having a good laugh.

Here are the results from one of the best and most exotic comps to date:

Saturday – Jam

1st – Woody
2nd – Marc Churchell
3rd – Zarosh Eggleston
4th – Olly Tyreman
5th – Steak

Best Slam – Joe Habgood – backflip loop out the pool

Best Trick – Zarosh – Ollie into bowl off of a bench thing.

Sunday – Best Tricks

Greg Nowik – Flip Indy fakie, blunt flip in over the deathbox
Olly Tyreman – Backside Crailslide revert, Frontside 5-0 revert
Churchell – Indy transfer out of the bowl into a quarter, manual roll round the bowl to pivot fakie.
Zarosh – Lipslide roll in, Wall stall to disaster in.
Habgood – Frontside nose pick and blunt fakie on the nastiest thin vert quarter pipe.

Massive thanks to Vans and Nueu (eyewear) for taking a gamble on the event.
Vans podcast coming soon!