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Go Skateboarding Day!

I’m sure that Monday wasn’t the day any of us hoped Go Skateboarding Day would fall on after all the fun had on the big sunny weekend last year. But sweet lady luck has brought the sun out for all us skate-rats in London town so there’s no excuse not to have a push before work, after work or on the way to where ever you guys are headed. Have a good one on us.

Here’s the official poster courtesy of down-for-life Shepard Fairey and some words he has to say about the good stuff…- Joe Moynihan (Features Editor)

Skateboarding changed my life. When I was a teenager, I needed a creative, physical outlet that didn’t require me to join a team, and skateboarding was just that. I enjoyed the aggression and stress relief it provided, as well as the creative progression it allowed me to make. The culture of skateboarding also inspired me to make stencils and homemade t-shirts, activities that led to the career I have today. I owe so much to skateboarding for its influence on me, so it’s a pleasure to try to inspire others to skate.’

Tonight we will be at Meanwhile Gardens in Westbourne Grove for an evening sesh, come join us.