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‘Lost A Pound’ – the Gnargore video drops 01/01/06.

Birmingham skate scene peeps at Gnargore have a new video ready to drop in January 1st called ‘Lost A Pound‘.

The website is a group of lads from the midlands who have been described on another site as ‘the best/worst skateboarding with lots of messing about but don’t expect no Jackass bullshit here. The video will be available for £5 via paypal off soon and just £5 from Spine Skateshop in Worcester, Ideal Skateshop in Birmingham or Ramparts Skatepark in Stourbridge.

Be warned, the video features stunts on skateboards such as:- powerslides, slash grinds, early grabs and A KICKFLIP ON FLAT!!!

It should be mental….keep your eyes out for this one.