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Glastonbury to host skate sesh!

Greenpeace and Heathensk8 will be providing Glastonbury with a mini skate park complete with a mini, hipped onto a street area with a driveway, flat banks and wall ride.

From the Thursday [21st June] to the Sunday [24th], the ramp will be open from 10 in the morning til 10 in the evening and with International Go Skateboard Day falling on the Thursday, there will be a jam with prizes for the best tricks, best learners and for those who are loving it the most.

There will be beginners lessons run by Bullet, the main man for beginners sessions at Bay Sixty 6 and in the afternoon riders like Greg Nowick, Ross McGouran, Kris Vile, Rob Smith and Bob Sanderson will be hitting it up in a session. Obviously expect Sanderson to be rocking 900’s! /