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Girl’s Skate Jam 2006

The next girls jam will take place on Saturday 27th May at Pioneer Skate Park in St Albans. It will be between the hours of 12 – 5pm. The first two hours will be a jam format where everybody gets to skate together. Then there will then be competitions for those who want to enter: Under/over 18’s and sponsored Street and Midi.

Sponsors confirmed: Gallaz, Rogue Skateboards, Carhartt, Eastpak, Nikita, Etnies, Blest Lifestyle, Rockstar Bearings, Creme, Death Skateboards, Riot Squad and Motel 6 Skateshop.

Judges: Rodney Clarke, Andy Willis and Phillip Proctor.

There will be goody bags for all who enter, prizes for the winners and there will be 2 hours afterwards where everybody will get to skate, so guys who’ve come to support get a roll too.

Afterparty: There definitely will be one but it is to be confirmed.

There are places to stay for those who need somewhere, you just need to bring a sleeping bag and maybe
earplugs if you want any kip!!

Hit this email for any more info.