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Girlie Surf Camp

Girlie Surf Camps are back after the big success of the previous years. Over 300 girls from all over the world attended the Girlie Surf Camps last summer for an unforgettable surfing holiday!

This year they are back with new spots and also camps for 3 different age categories:

Girlie Surf Camps for girls over 16
Girlie Teenie Surf Camps for girls between 11-15
Girlie Ladies’ Surf Camp for women over 30

A typical week of Girlie Surf Camp consists of 1-2 surf sessions per day depending of the weather conditions, yoga lessons, sightseeing, BBQs etc. In Morocco you also get the chance to discover the tasty food culture, go dolphin & whale watching and enjoy the famous Essaouira International Music Festival.

In Hossegor, France, you’ll find some of the best beaches in the whole of Europe; you’ll get the chance to go and visit the Pukas boardshaper, do shopping in the famous surf outlets and just live the world famous surf town! New for this summer is also the opening of the Girlie House in Hossegor, where also the Girlie Camps will be based.

So what are the Girlie Teenie Surf Camps then? Girlie Teenie Camps work in the same program as the “normal” Girlie Surf Camps but the Girlie Teenie Camps are open for girls between 11 to 15 years-old! The Teenies are also well taken care of 24h/day!

If you are over 30 and want to learn surfing in a nice relaxed atmosphere, enjoy yoga lessons, go wine tasting and have an unforgettable holiday with same minded women your choice is the Girlie Ladies’ Surf Camp. Last year the first Ladies’ week was organized, and women from all over Europe joined for a week of surfing together!

The Girlie Surf Camps(16+):
Oualidia, Morocco
17 June – 1 July (2 week camp)

Hossegor, France
17 June – 24 June
24 June – 1 July
1 July – 8 July

Hossegor, France
2 Sept – 9 September
9 Sept – 16 September
16 Sept – 23 September

Girlie Teenie Surf Camps (11-15):
Sopelana, Spain
15 July – 22 July
22 July – 29 July

Girlie Ladies Surf Camp (30+):
Hossegor, France
23 Sept – 30 September

For more info on the Girlie Surf Camps go to or contact