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Girlie Skate Camps are go!

A survey recently revealed that 25% (that’s a quarter for those who aren’t good with numbers…) of the skate community are female. Long gone are the days of floozy groupies sitting around come rain or shine for a chance to get with some boys and their wood… Well, that still happens but Crossfire certianly doesn’t condone it!

This will be the third successful year of Girlie Skate Camps spreading the love to all our European sisters. Brand new sessions are waiting for your involvement in Hossegor (France), and Prague (Czech Republic). When in Hossegor, you can stay at the Girlie house and take trips around France and Spain in the Girlie Van. Whilst in Prague you get to session some great street spots and visit the world famous Mystic Cup Championships.

Dates are as follows:

Prague- 2nd to 9th July. Over 18s only.
Hossegor- 8th to 15th July / 15th to 22nd July Over 16s only.

For more info visit (Office friendly!)