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Gardner joins UK Vans team

A bit of a news update from the Vans camp this month. First up, congratulations to James Gardner who becomes the latest edition to the ever-increasing UK team.

The opening of the new and improved Bay66 on Saturday saw Kris Vile, Marc Churchil, Danny Wainwright, James Gardner, Chris Oliver, ‘Gorgeous’ Dave Watson, Pete King, Sam Bruce and new boy Ben Nordberg come and tear the place apart. Vile grabbed 2nd place in the sponsored competition after a sick day’s skate.

Over in Malmo, Sweden, Ross McGouran and Kevin McKeon competed in the Quiksilver Bowlriders comp. ‘Meanwhile’ Kev skated his arse off but missed getting into the finals, while Ross killed it with no-comply tailslides, kickflip melons and massively tweaked airs to earn himself 4th place and a £2000 paycheck.

Last weekend saw Marc Churchill celebrate his 29th birthday with a Vans team skate at Interact skatepark followed by copious amounts of boozing at their hotel. Congrats Marc, only a year until the big 3-Oh eh?

Meanwhile Kev and Darryl ‘Cov Sid’ Nobbs headed down to Bournemouth to do some demos at the Spring Break Fest this weekend. In between chatting up girls in bushes and Russian girls copping off with skinheads, Darryl grabbed 1st and Kev got 2nd in the bowl comp. Stoked!