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Crossfire: A Short Walk in the Gambia

A month ago we announced that we had donated £500 to charity to fund an Expedition across the Gambia by foot. The good news is that both Helen Jones, Jason Florio and the crew are all safe and sound and have currently covered 700kms of their 700 mile round trip circumnavigating West Africa. The journey will allow them to photograph a modern account of the people and stories of rural Gambia to be included in a coffee table book covering the entire trip.

This expedition will also be a fundraising tool for ‘Gardens For Life’ (an Eden Project charity) program, which helps to educate, support and encourage schools and children around the world on how to create gardens and grow their own food. GFL also have a number of these gardens in The Gambia. Where will they end up on Xmas day? We have no idea but hopefully they will make it to Makasutu Culture Forest for a much needed rest! Read their adventure blog here.