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Fury and Mountain launch new sites

As the internet sweeps into daily lives like a tsunami and the skate industry wakes to it’s urgent call, Fury Trucks have launched their new online presence with a brand new website.

The new hub features video with the Feast Tour with the Flip Team who also launched a new site recently plus a product page, rider bios, photo’s and more.

The extras section has wallpaper and also links so you can purchase Fury logos for your mobile phone via Ignition.

Fury legend Lance Mountain has also launched his own personal website this week at, you guessed it.. where you can find old interviews with him across the board, artwork, a huge personal collection area and much more.

If you are a fan of the Bones Brigade and the legacy that Lance Mountain has brought to skateboarding over the many years he has shredded urethane, then you can’t miss this place!