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French filming comp

In a similar vein to the UK’s ‘Day in the City’, the French are about to embark on their own filming mission.

La rue est vers l’image (The road to pictures) is a comp that gets a filmer and a group of up to five skaters together to film and edit a 3 to 5 minute skate video in either Bordeaux (28th August to 2nd September), Lyon (4th to 9th September) or Paris (11th to 16th September).

At the end of each week, the videos will be premiered at each cities skateshop; Workshop for Bordeaux, Wall Street for Lyon and Street Machine for Paris.

The videos will be judged by Fred Mortagne, Josh Stewart, DJ Need, Stephanie Solinas and Youcef Khemane, five people that touch several aspects of youth culture be it through videos, music or otherwise. The three best videos from each city will be aired on the Extreme Channel.

Three companies have been invited as guests for the comp. Cliché will represent Lyon, Metropolitan in Bordeaux and Landscape in Paris.

For more info and snippets of footy as the comp runs, visit and (Sugar Magazine)