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Flip News!

Sometimes you just have to envy professional skaters… The lucky bastards over at Flip are currently travelling all over the world gathering footage for the next Flip video.

Don’t hold your breathe though, because no-one knows when that bomb’ll drop!

So, enjoying the pleasant winter climate of Mallorca, we have Ali Boulala, Arto Saari, Geoff Rowley, Bastien Salabanzi and Rune Glifberg tearing things up. Glifberg has just announced he is confirmed for the Snickers Bowl competition at this years Download Festival, more about that soon. That gang of lunatics has been joined by the latest teen investment Eric Fletcher. We don’t know much about Fletcher, but if Flip approved you know he’s good.

Elsewhere, Mark Appleyard doesn’t care about skateboard bans as he scours Barcelona in search of new spots that could satisfy his amazing skills. Look out for Apples at The Works Skatepark in Leeds with the Globe Shoes team on Wednesday 6th of April. Tom Penny remains as elusive as ever with news of a top-secret filming mission going down in Buenos Aires..? Anyone care to add to that?

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for any David Gonzales footy because the little amateur from Columbia is holding it down despite his half-pint size. David is in Brazil and Chile turning heads as he serves out healthy servings of gnarliness.

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Other Flip news just in is that there will possibly be a Flip Team UK outing planned for July 2nd at The Prissick Plaza in Middlesbrough, more when we are sent more info…

Go to, but don’t expect much info, it has been static for months on end now… day it will be unleashed and kids all over the world will be happier droids!