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Flip In Flip Out

Here’s some hot news from everyones favourite gang of gnarlers – Flip:

First off, the amateur ranks have multiplied with new face Louie Lopez joining the team from Los Angeles. Meanwhile, mini powerhouse, David Gonzales pocketed $1000 after coming second at the Phoenix Am contest last month, and Eric Fletcher has just returned home after a 3 week trip to the modern day Mecca that is Barcelona.

Still out in Barca are Arto, Appleyard and Ali. You might spot them acting like Hip Hop video extras in Ali’s pimped out white Cadillac Seville… New team member, Rodrigo TX has just flown in to join the guys as they gather footage for the next Flip video.

Geoff Rowley has preferred to travel back and forth across America in search of suicidal spots to satisfy his hunger. This next video is going to be serious- no prisoners! Actually, fans will be stoked when they spot Tom Penny and Shane Cross rolling through their town and spots for the Fest Tour scheduled to pass through Canada during the second week of june, and America for the third week of November. I know that sounds a long way away, but it’ll be worth catching.

Finally, the Flip riders with transition fetishes haven’t been slacking either. Lance Mountain and Rune Glifberg placed very high at the Pro-Tec Pool Party comp – Lance got fourth in the Masters division and Rune got second and pursed $15000 ! Rune might buy himself a gadget or two when he arrives in Shanghai with Bob Burnquist to skate the mentally massive new skatepark they’ve gone and built over there. Bob’s keeping it crazy by sticking the first ever frontflip over the mega ramp chasm at the Mega Ramp comp held in Mexico City last month.

Front flip footage here.

Wow! Big catch up with one of skating’s biggest teams. I’ll leave you with news that brand new boards are available for all the new riders. I’ll take the ‘Don’t mess with TX’ model whilst Zac will probably feel more comfortable on Lance’s 9 x 33 inch ‘Crest’ board.