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Euro SKATE Winner Announced

The first European leg of the annual Es Game of S.K.A.T.E. was wrapped up on July 30th at the Willy-Brandt Stadium in Frankfurt, Germany with skaters flipping and tripping over their boards from as far as Dubai, or as near as Austria. However, only one skater could win a chance to take part in the grand final held at the ASR Tradeshow, San Diego USA on September 9th.

All it took (!) was a few switch one foots, double 360 flips and double kickflips (Where was urban legend Julian Molyneux when you needed him???) for Alex Misurov from Germany to dust off the competition. Will this Euro wildcard beat the best in sunny San Diego? Crossfire will keep you posted as soon as the news drops.

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Fellow sole-tech rider (Etnies) and German skater, Juergen Horwarth came first in both the vert and mini ramp comps at the European Skateboard Championships held in Basel, Switzerland. It must be the German engineering or something..?