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Emerica Wild In The Streets 2007

WITS 2007The success of Emerica’s Wild In The Streets has led them to try and gather you ‘orrible lot together again for an all day skateboarding reclamation of the streets.

This year will see WITS hit up the Black Country and head to Birmingham for the day’s carnage on August 19th, with the plan to meet at Ideal Skateshop at midday before heading off into the city. Emerica UK team riders Ben Leyden, Vaughan Baker, Dave Allen, Rory Milanes, Adam Stoddart, Gavin Coughlan, and Benson will be there, along with some special guest US riders to be announced soon.

You guys know the score, be rebels, reclaim what is rightfully yours and have a laugh skating whilst pissing off the most amount of security guards you can, who will be looking very shocked and confused.