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Emerica Go On A Wild Ride

Hunter S. Thompson was a journalist ahead of his time, and before the fame that was Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Hunter caught people’s attention with Hells Angels- a hell ride with one of America’s most feared gangs. Hunter infiltrated the biker crew and actually became good friends with a few of the burly men and women, partying together and rolling of course.

However, the relationship came to a halt when a few misinformed and disgruntled Angels gave Hunter a beat down he wouldn’t forget. You see the Angels were a bit of a phenomenon back in the day, but the media hardly ever gave them a good rap. With a head full of booze and pills, the Hells Angels got confused and decided Hunter was no longer a on their side…

What does all that have to do with Emerica and their plans to tour through Middle America on their Harley Davidson’s for the Wild Ride Tour? Not much apart from the motorcycles, I suppose. Check these dates and cities and see if you want to hit the road and tag along:

June 11: Denver, Colorado
June 12: Hays, Kansas
June 13: Wichita, Kansas
June 14: Kansas City, Missouri
June 15: Columbia, Missouri
June 16: Manchester, Missouri
June 17: Springfield, Illinois
June 18: Driving day–head toward Milwaukee, Wisconsin
June 19: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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