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Eastenders and Chet Childress collab for Heroin

Since the news broke of Chet Childress joining Heroin Skateboards, Fos and co have allegedly been busy planning the next move to launch his pro deck into the UK’s skater owned shops from Los Angeles. Due to a cunning ploy and some hook ups in the TV world, Childress’ ‘bad-ass’ skating is said to have inspired writers at the BBC to bring back Ian Beale as Luda Crooks in the next wave of exhilarating shows from Walford scheduled for BBC1.

Talking in a recent interview of how this happened Chet said:

“I don’t know, it just did. Shimizu kind of said something to me. I didn’t know what I was doing. I talked to Fos (owner of Heroin) and it just seemed like a real cool thing. The board should be out soon and I’m going to be filming a video part, which I’m psyched about doing again and again and again. The main thing about this is that I’m re-stoked. I spent a couple months not really bummed on skateboarding but not really that motivated. I was skating, I love skating but I didn’t care about any of the other stuff and this got me fired up to do a couple more things before I disappear into this dumb world.”

This is the first official shot of the all-new Heroin fueled Childress on Albert Square. Dressed and ready to roll out a party air off the curb on the way to the cafe for a bacon sandwich. Look out for his introduction on the show tonight at 7.45pm.