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Dylan Rieder talks to Paper Magazine


Ph: Rudolfo Martinez

Following an amazing part in the cherry video recently and a move to Fucking Awesome Skateboards, Dylan Rieder speaks to Paper Magazine this week on how the demand for skate shoe designs are changing ahead of his pro shoe release on HUF later this month:

“More recently, it’s like kids want to spend an extra $40 on a shoe ’cause it looks a hell of a lot better than a canvas shoe wrapped in a fucking tire.”

Are skateboarders fed up of the same old designs with many companies stealing ideas from each other and producing similar looking products? As you can see above, his new pro shoe definitely has more in common with a conventional shoe rather than what we know for skateboarding, much like his Gravis model. But although these will not be for everyone, Dylan’s stance on how he sees skateboarding is a breath of fresh air. Sticking to your guns, putting a finger up to sports brands to support a skater owned industry and doing exactly what he wants can never be sneered at.

“I still think my fucking skating sucks. It’s never good enough, no matter what. So I stick with skateboarding.”

Click the b&w to read the mini feature at Paper.