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Dublin DITC

In a similar vein to Day In The City, Dublin skaters can take part in a skating/filming session across the European city on September 24th for the G1 Skate Supply My Goodness! Comp.

The teams are as follows

Monkeybird” – Mini Brown, Ollie O’Hanlon, James Black, Dan, Ryan filming.

The Glory Holes” – Al Collins, Dion McGarity, Tim Mills, Ross Dunne, filmed by Gibbo.

The Chungfellaz” – Mark “Snowy” Brew, Keith Walsh, Paddy Clear, Anto Thornberry, filmed by NOB.

Stab City” – Dave Hurley, Rueben Shortt, Luke Shortt, Donal, filmed by Dave.

How About 10 Major?” – Jer Evans, Gav Coughlan, James Carroll, Craig Yule, filmed by Ciaran.

Footage from the various entrants will be available on G1’s website in the near future. Check it out here.