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Download Puzzle No.1

The premier Euro video magazine, Puzzle had the foresight to see that downloading was the future and acted accordingly. Just so you can remember how it all began, they are letting you download the first ever issue of Puzzle at

Whilst we’re talking footage, here is a list of all the latest DVDs to drop on the market and more. It’s raining outside, so enjoy!

FIRST PUZZLE back from VHS time.
KAYO video brings back hip-hop and vibes.
SANTA CRUZ shows up in Europe.
KROOKED filming at the moment.
COLORBLIND skateboards invades Europe!
OFFICIAL skateboard introducing.
ZOOYORK get to Ellis Island.
GET FAM with East Coast.
GIRL in Canada.
ALMOST offers you Cheese & Crackers.
ANTIZ is having a Cappucino.