Skateboarding News

Death ride south for the Winter

It has been a busy month for Death Skateboards since the winter kicked in.

Etnies rider Mark Nicolson just got back from Vegas and Dan Cates just got back from South America where he has been for a month shredding some epic spots. Expect a Cates interview on this site very soon.

Horsey’s new boards are doing good but he’s imediately got the pro curse and dislocated his toe. It has been numb for 8 days now – that will teach him to stick it up…actually, i won’t go there.

Zorlac’s knee got wrecked 5 weeks ago but is now on the mend. You should have seen the state of the wall, was far worse.

Boots is filming hard with Shakey Jakey for the Square One dvd. There are Death articles in both Sidewalk and Doco this month (doing tours in Turkey and Berlin), check ’em out.

Richie Jackson is being very quiet, the mind boggles as to what he is up to down under but we have money on 13th Floor Elevators and bongs being involved. Zarosh’s back yard pour is coming on strong, this fella will skate anything and if it’s not there you can expect him to build it himself.

Steak’s make up hasn’t come off since the Halloween Massacre as he was made up by the same bloke as Pheonix Nights…and finally…yep, look out for the Etnies/Death shoe collaboration about to drop soon!