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Danny Way to create World Record on Ultra Megaramp

Photo: Blabac


Danny Way seems to be busy planning something mega in the coming months from an announcement on his insta account recently. He mentioned the words Ultra Megaramp in a post last month setting tongues wagging that a new World Record air is being planned on what could be the biggest ramp ever made by DC and Monster Energy Drink.

“I thought it cool to share what I’m doing to prepare myself as I get ready to take the biggest physical risk of my career. This is one of many obscure exercises that I do within my training regiment. Tornado ball lunges hit about every part of your body, but the goal in all my work outs is to simulate situations that relate to what I do. All my exercises have a core stability and or a balance component that strengthens the fast twitch muscle fibers in return saving joints from exploding under unexpected sudden loads of pressure, impacts or blows. Anyways just a little insight to what I do to keep myself on top of my physical game”.

It was 12 years ago that the Megaramp appeared and blew people away in a DC video, here’s to what’s coming next. Read our interview with him back in 2004 here.